Episode Guide

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In this episode, while in Las Vegas for the World Series of Poker, Slow Poker gets sprinkled with No-Limit Hold'em fairy dust and plays the most magical poker game he's ever played.

Episode 24: The KING of QUEENS

In this episode, Slow Poker is back at Hustler Casino, this time for a meetup game in his honor. Does this give his fans carte blanche to make sus attempts to take his chips? Probably. But how will they fare when our hero gets dealt pocket queens five times? You come at the king, you best not miss... Or flop an ace.

Episode 23: $4,000 poker gamble with ace-high!!

In this episode, Slow Poker battles countless adversaries who slow-play themselves to death, which is great news for our hero's checking account. Then after a few massive pots featuring pocket aces, Slow test-drives an even stronger hand: five-deuce of clubs. But all of that is mere prelude to one enormous hand, where all the biscuits go in the middle against a formidable opponent. Can our hero win an over $4,000 six-bet pot with just ace-high?

Episode 22: Doug Polk and Andrew Neeme accuse me of CHEATING in their poker club!

In this episode, Slow Poker gives Texas poker a whirl at a card room called The Lodge. It's there he faces a number of challenges not only on the felt, but in the form of a stunning allegation made by some of the club's owners: Brad Owen, Andrew Neeme, and Doug Polk. But more importantly, will Slow Poker make the fold of a lifetime with the effective second nuts? Only time will tell. And maybe you've heard, but he doesn't have a lot of that.

Episode 21: Did I win $3,000,000 with nine-five offsuit??

In this episode, Slow Poker battles the world's best tournament crushers in the high-roller $25,000 buy-in PokerStars Players Championship main event in the Bahamas, where the winner bags over three million dollars. Will he hoist the trophy by overplaying a traditionally garbage hand like nine-five offsuit? Or will he bust and drown his sorrows in a giant pile of apple turnovers? Either sounds pretty appealing.

Episode 20: I'm a poker FUGITIVE ($30,000 Bounty)

In this three-part series, Slow Poker becomes a super-secret poker fugitive, covertly playing cards in ten different casinos across America for three weeks, all while avoiding capture from relentless bounty hunters. The stakes? One $30,000 Platinum Pass, granting entry to the PokerStars Players Championship Main Event, a $25k buy-in tournament with a 25-million-dollar prize pool, along with a free week-long vacation in The Bahamas. If he avoids capture until the end, he gets it all. If not, he gets nothing but lower back pain.

Episode 19: Garrett vs. Robbi: SHOCKING NEW EVIDENCE REVEALED!! 

In this episode, Slow Poker plays the highest stakes he's ever played and wins and loses the biggest pots of his life, all on Hustler Casino Live in full view of hundreds of thousands of livestream-viewers across the globe. But none of that matters after he uncovers the shocking evidence that rips open the Robbi vs. Garrett alleged cheating scandal. 

Episode 18: Breaking up with Pocket Aces 

In this episode, after taking a break from pocket aces, Slow Poker searches far and wide for a lasting connection with different hole cards. The odds may be long, but nothing's impossible.

Episode 17: Why you should NEVER play POCKET ACES 

In this episode, Slow Poker is dealt pocket aces a handful of times and faces some tough spots, but it's the best starting hand in No-Limit Texas Hold'em, so what could go wrong? 

Episode 16: $1,300 pot - I flop the nuts and he's ALL IN!!

In this episode, Slow Poker battles a nemesis named Daryl who can't stop lucking into wins. Will the tables finally turn when Slow Poker flops the nuts and Daryl check-shoves for all the marbles? If not, then Slow Poker may need to look elsewhere for vengeance... 

Episode 15: I flop a boat and he keeps betting!

In this episode, Slow Poker ends up with several boats, multiple all-ins, and while he makes some bad folds, he can tell a special someone all about them because she just GETS him, okay?

Episode 14: Three straight flushes with Brad Owen!!!

In this episode, Slow Poker plays quite a few massive hands, including several all-ins, and UNBELIEVABLE ACTION with poker influencer / man-child Brad Owen.

Episode 13: $2,300 bomb pot! Three-way ALL-IN!!

In this episode, Slow Poker makes every effort to make the bare minimum from monster hands, especially in his first ever Double-Board PLO Bomb Pot, but before the day is done he may just redeem himself.

Episode 12: $2,000 pot with Andrew Neeme!!

In this episode, Slow Poker gets a bit sneaky at the $2/5 tables before the $5/5 poker vlogger meetup game where he faces some stiff competition. And also Andrew Neeme.

Episode 11: Pocket Kings: OVERRATED

In this episode, Slow Poker succumbs to full-blown tilt, but then resets with designs on a comeback. But can he make yet another epic preflop hero-fold with pocket kings…?

Episode 10: My First Bad Beat Jackpot?!?

In this episode, Slow Poker crushes it early, gets wrecked in the middle, and tries to regroup for a fourth quarter comeback where the potential of his first ever Bad Beat Jackpot looms large... 

Episode 9: I flop a set. Should I FOLD??

In this episode, Slow Poker hits a bunch of sets but doesn't necessarily play all of them too well. Also, a surprise cameo from the greatest poker player on the planet.

Episode 8: Pocket Aces FOUR TIMES!!

In this episode, Slow Poker runs an epic long con, hopes his pocket aces can hold up a whopping four times, and may actually not fold pocket kings this time. Maybe.

Episode 7: Ace-King: I love you, I hate you

In this episode, Slow Poker gets into some tough spots, some easy spots, faces multiple all-ins, and navigates his love-hate relationship with Ace-King.

Episode 6: Can I fold KINGS preflop??

In this episode, Slow Poker plays some large No-Limit Texas Hold'em hands at MGM National Harbor, including several all-ins, and arguably both the greatest and ugliest folds since the dawn of time.

Episode 5: My Pocket Kings VANISH...

In this episode, Slow Poker plays some big No-Limit Texas Hold'em hands at Pop's Poker in Richmond, including a mystifying runout for pocket kings.

Episode 4: Can ace-queen hold??

In this episode, Slow Poker starts off on the wrong foot with a regrettable fold, then bounces back, then faces a tough spot with trip kings, but by the end, one big hold with ace-queen would be pretty therapeutic.

Episode 3: I hate you, Pocket Jacks

In this episode, Slow Poker loses with pocket jacks over and over again, as poker players across the world reply in unison: "Well, yeah." Maybe he'll have better luck with pocket tens against a villain who's confident he'll be featured on the vlog.

Episode 2: How NOT to play Pocket Aces

In this episode, Slow Poker misplays his cards in all sorts of avoidable ways - none more embarrassing than when he's got pocket aces and squares off against a very old man wearing a single winter glove.

Episode 1: I river the nuts and get RAISED!!

In this very first episode, Slow Poker experiences some highs and some lows, but there aren't too many poker highs higher than rivering the nuts, betting, and getting raised...